They left the car door open, allowing a stray dog to enter

A stray dog jumped into a person’s open car door, apparently looking for a place to rest, not realizing that her actions would change her life.

Last year, this mischievous dog jumped into the car of Bill Shaver, who had forgotten to close the back door of the car while rushing to the bathroom at a gas station.

Despite the fact that his wife was sitting in the front seat, the dog quickly climbed up and curled up in the back seat, as if she had known the woman her entire life.

The couple had just returned from a fishing trip in Missouri.
They decided to come to a halt, which is when the dog appeared.
They decided to take her to the vet when they noticed she wasn’t thinking about getting off and was approaching to be petted.

The doctors bathed and examined her, telling the family that the animal showed signs of struggle and wounds caused by ticks and other infections, indicating that it had no other owners or had run away from home.

The couple decided to provide her with all of the assistance she required to recover her health, so they drove her home.
Because she was determined to stay with them, she quickly adapted and began to play in the yard.
River was named after the couple who adopted her.

River now has a life full of friends, love, and pampering, which she unquestionably deserved.