They adopted a dog with incurable cancer, and she had the most joyous last month of her life

Ruoselvet was a lonely pit bull with a heartbreaking expression on his face.
The owner left him at the Chicago Animal Control Center with a note explaining why he refused.
“He has urination issues.”

Kelly Michael and Sarah Lauch were trampled by a desperate, broken dog when they met him.
They wanted to get him out of this depressing place and into this freezing cage as soon as possible.
“I noticed him sleeping quietly in the cage while the other dogs barked and jumped for my attention.”
“He appeared to be crying because he was so sad,” Sarah said on Facebook.

“His teeth were completely broken, most likely from eating a stone or trying to escape from the cage.”
We felt helpless and sad because of him.
We took him in right away and tried to find him a foster home to care for him.”

Fortunately, with the assistance of One Tail at a Time, they were able to return him to his family.

He had no idea how happy he was to be hugged.

Unfortunately, when she was examined by a veterinarian, Lu was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer, and she only lived for a few months.Faced with this difficult situation, they decided to provide her with a real family and make her final days as happy as possible.Roo will spend the rest of his life with Kelly.Roo is unaware that he is ill, so he behaves normally.

They lavish him with gifts.He is overjoyed!They resolved to compile a list of Roo’s final wishes.
They completed the task completely.
He went for his first lake dip, ate ice cream, received a therapeutic massage, and even dined at Taco Bell.

The list is endless, and Roo savors each treat as if it were the last.His time is limited, but love knows no limits.Lu became a life lesson for these girls who supported and adopted him, teaching them to be grateful for every moment.So they went viral with the hashtag #LiveLikeRoo and created a page in his honor, and the network was blown away.”People messaged me directly, and fans invited us to the Lake House.”All owners are now responsible for their dogs.”

Sarah stated that, while they try to be optimistic about Roo, they are aware that the journey will not be easy.

They discovered a wonderful side in the heartbreaking preview.
And the best way to deal with this is to make her happy in her final days.
This is how true happiness appears.

“Even though we’ve only known him for a short time, the thought of having to put him down at some point makes us cry.”

“It’s only been a few months since Roo’s birth, but we hope #LiveLikeRoo can inspire everyone, now and forever,” the Facebook page stated.
In this tribute, you can see how Roo relished every moment of her final days.
It’s difficult.