These two men put their lives in danger to save stranded foxes from floodwaters

Two Canadian men have been dubbed heroes after putting their lives in danger to save some foxes trapped in floodwaters.
Colin Graham and Jordan Olson discovered the foxes stranded on some rocks sticking out of the water and decided to help them.Welwyn, a village about 250 kilometers east of Regina, was recently inundated with heavy rain.
“Almost all of our crops here are under a lake,” Colin explained.Colin is an animal lover who has been watching foxes on his property for several months.
“They’ve been out on this rock pile near our house all spring,” he explained.

Colin and his sister came across a young fox stranded above eight feet of floodwater.
“My sister was curious about what happened to the foxes, so we drove out there, and there was only one rock sticking out of the top of the water,” Colin explained.

Colin and his friend Jordan decided to jump in and save the terrified fox.
“One of the guys I was with, Jordan Olson, suggested we just go out there and swim and get it,” he explained.The fox wasn’t sure about the men swimming towards him at first.
“When I first arrived, he had a little bit of energy, and he bailed off the rock and into the water, trying to swim away,” Colin explained.

“However, I was able to catch up to him,” Colin explained.
The helpless young fox was the size of a kitten.Colin and Jordan loaded the fox into their truck and drove it home.
“We put it in the back of my truck, and our house is right there, so we took it home, dried it off, and warmed it up,” Colin explained.Colin Graham and Jordan Olson put their lives in danger to save some stranded foxes in Canada’s floodwaters.

Colin Graham and Jordan Olson risked their lives to rescue some stranded foxes from floodwaters in Canada.

The first young fox they rescued was no bigger than a kitten.He was initially terrified of the men and attempted to swim away.

The first young fox they pulled out was no bigger than a tiny kitten. He was frightened of the men at first and tried to swim away.

When the foxes became stranded on some rocks near Welwyn, east of Regina, Canada, there had been 8 inches of rain.

Later that day, the men spotted the mother fox, allowing them to reunite the mother and child.
“Then, later on, we were driving, and we saw the mother out there, so we took him back,” Colin explained.”They’ve been reunited,” Colin joked.”I saw them the other day running around.”How wonderful that Colin and Jordan were able to save the stranded foxes’ lives and reunite a mother with her baby.
At the very least, the two men have an interesting story to tell their friends!I’m not sure about you, but my faith in humanity has been restored.It’s wonderful to know that there are people out there who care so much about animals!Have you ever risked your life to save a furry friend, or do you know someone who has?
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