These rescued baby otters are obsessed with their new food

These adorable child otters who squeal with delight when they discover a new type of snack they have never tried before will undoubtedly put a big smile on your face.


The cuddly animals were rescued by a man named Frank Cuesta and are currently kept in a pet care facility.
Cuesta, who has assisted in the rescue of over 6,000 pets from the hands of traffickers over the last 15 years, says having these otters around is a real treat.

If it weren’t for this man and his group, the otters would most likely be sold on the underground market, where people pay exorbitant prices for wild animals.

Hungry-Baby-Otters-Are-the-Cutes (1)

When the infants are old enough to care for themselves, they will be returned to their natural environment and will resume living their lives before being stolen and sold for profit.

Hungry-Baby-Otters-Are-the-Cutes (2)

Look at the starving children in the video below and please share it with your family and friends.