The Veterinarian Nurse Who Saved The Dog That Was “Hours From Death” Adopted Him

A dog who was “hours away from death” when it was discovered severely malnourished has found a loving new home with the vet nurse who assisted in his recovery.Seb was one of several animals, including two other dogs, discovered at home after their elderly owner died.

Ruth Thomas-Coxon, an RSPCA animal rescue officer (ARO), was dispatched to retrieve the animals after they were signed over to the organization for care.Seb’s fur was a tangled mess from neglect.

According to the Express, the 11-year-fur old’s had to be removed to reveal the extent of his emaciation, which included bones and ribs poking through his skin.Nicole Burn, a vet at Stanhope Park Vets in Darlington, nursed Seb back to health.After falling in love with him, she decided to adopt him.

Nicole, 28, said, “When we lifted Seb onto the examination table at the vet’s, there was nothing on him.”
“When I first saw Seb, he was in a terrible state, and we thought he was hours away from death,” Nicole explained.

Because of his extreme malnutrition, his matted fur had to be removed under anesthesia, and everyone was surprised to see how his spine and bones could be seen through his skin.

Seb weighed 12.2 kilograms when he sought emergency care, but after two months, he gained weight and reached a healthier weight of 19.9 kilograms.Nicole looked after Seb and quickly grew fond of him.She jumped at the chance to adopt him when the time came.

He is such a sweet and cheerful young man.I instantly connected with him, and he is never too far away from me.He’s been through a lot, but he’s so happy and content that he comes to work with me every day—a he’s perfect fit in my life.I grew up with rough-haired collies, so I am familiar with the breed.

The RSPCA’s Cancel out Cruelty fundraising initiative is helping other animals like Seb.Each month, the organization investigates 6,000 cases of willful animal cruelty and receives approximately 90,000 calls to its cruelty line.