The stray dog who begged people to buy donuts to help pay for his surgery is now in Heaven

Millions of people are in tears as a result of the outcome of this viral case.

After his death, the story of Rex, a stray pet who sold donuts to fund his surgical treatment, went viral.
Silvia V. of La Verdad Noticias saved Rex after he was hit by a car.

Warning: Graphic CONTENT!

Silvia began selling empanadas and donuts with Rex’s help to pay for his drugs.
People began flocking to Polgono 108 Park to please Rex and also to buy donuts for him.

Unfortunately, Rex’s health began to deteriorate, and he needed to be rushed to the hospital because he couldn’t stop vomiting.
After Silvia V. shared his story on social media, a kind female helped him get to an orthopedist.
He was then transferred to a vet clinic to remain dehydrated while being given product.

Rex’s problem was complicated, making surgery difficult.
As a result, Silvia began soliciting donations for Rex, who had spent a significant amount of money on medication and food.
Unfortunately, the dog died because he couldn’t hold out any longer.
Silvia stated on social media that the funds raised would be used to cremate Rex, with any remaining funds going to help other dogs in need.
Rex, rest in peace!

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