The rescued donkey is giggling from ear to ear

As it is safely towed, a donkey rescued from flooding in Ireland appears to be smiling.

A donkey that was caught in flooding last Sunday is recovering after being rescued by a rowing club member in Ireland.The woman posted a request for assistance on her AHAR (Animal Heaven Animal Rescue) Facebook page.On Saturday night, the animal escaped from a stable in Kiloglin, Kerry County, after the gates were damaged by the weather.

The donkey was discovered trapped in a field surrounded by deep flooding the next morning after a river overflowed a nearby bank.Mike Fleming, a member of the Killorglin Rowing Club, discovered this and, along with an animal shelter rescue team, tied a rope around the donkey, pulled it up, and dragged it to dry ground.

According to an Animal Heaven Animal Rescue spokesperson, a donkey named Mike, after the rescuer, is recovering at the animal shelter while the stables are being repaired.

“Now he’s towel-dried, eating hot mashed potatoes, and everything is cozy and warm,” said Suzanne Gibbons, founder of the shelter.Our veterinarian examined him and gave him antibiotics to prevent pneumonia.”

He has a small amount of fluid in one of his lungs, but our veterinarian believes he will recover.

Thank you to everyone who helps needy animals.

I adore donkey.He laughs a lot…