The mother dog and nine puppies were rescued from the parking lot by rescuers

Dory, a five-year-old boxer, needed family support more than ever after giving birth to nine adorable puppies.
Dory and her defenseless children were instead dumped in the church parking lot.
Her heart broke, and her terrified mother realized she couldn’t stand it any longer.
If no one from her family comes to her aid, her favorite and her puppy will perish.
Someone, thankfully, did it.
Misty Burger of Paw Angel Animal Rescue learned about Dory’s plight after seeing photos of Dory and her baby on the internet.
Berger immediately called his friend Angel Urban, and the two raced to the scene.
When they arrived, Dory was holding her nine puppies.

Dory did her best to keep the puppy safe and calm despite the fact that the puppy was only two weeks old, but it was clear that the poor mother needed assistance.
Burger and Urban were aware that Dory required medical attention, so she took her and her dog to the veterinarian for treatment and additional checkups.

Dory sustained numerous injuries, including multiple open wounds, but all of her ailments were treatable.
Unfortunately, veterinarians discovered that one of the puppies was in much worse shape.
Rescuers discovered a small puppy named Peach with a sore throat.
The tumor prevents the small puppy from sucking normally and grows until swallowing is impossible.

Because of Peach’s size and age, they were unable to remove the tumor surgically and had to euthanize her to relieve her pain.
“She leaves a heavy heart, but hope and determination for her mother and eight children,” Paws Angel Animal Rescue wrote after sharing the shocking news on Facebook.
The tragic death of Peach shocked the small family, but the rescuers’ hard work, love, and dedication gave Dory and her eight remaining puppies time and space to heal and find hope for the future.
After going through so much pain and sorrow together, the little family is finally safe and able to spend time together and focus on their love for each other without worrying about whether or not they will be able to get back together.