The Majestic and Adorable Lion Cannot Sleep Without His Favorite Blankets


Almost every child in the world recognizes Simba, the lion king from Disney’s famous film.
As a result, many children wish to have a pet lion like Simba.
Normally, that is out of reach, but there has been one case where a parent has made that wish a reality.


Keeping a lion is illegal, but a father of two has decided to purchase a lion cub for his children.
They saw The Lion King and insisted on having one at all times.
Nonetheless, after a few months, they no longer desired the pet dog and requested that someone care for him.

Lambert, the lion, was rescued from that family when he was just a 3-month-old cub.
Vicky Keahey, also known as Cat Female, was his rescuer. She is the founder of Texas’ In-Sync Exotic Wild Animals Rescue and Educational Center.


When the Worldwide Federation of Pet Sanctuaries (GFAS) called to ask if she could take the lion, Keahey said she was more than happy to accept the offer.
Lambert was a lion cub born in captivity, so he could not have survived in the wild.

When he arrived at the rescue center, he seemed interested and excited to see his new home.
Nonetheless, because he was only a cub at the time, he became nervous and displayed signs of stress and anxiety.


Lambert used to copulate the grandfather in bed at the previous owner’s house, so he could feel vacant in some way.
He was rescued wearing only a cover, which could have been the trick.
Keahey tried it and also got him a covering.
She placed it in a corner, and Lambert came over and snuggled on that particular covering.

Since then, he hasn’t slept without a blanket by his side.
Everyone at the rescue center enjoys giving him new and soft blankets to cuddle with.
They also told Lambert to consume and eat raw meat, which he had never done before when he was with his family members.


Lambert has now matured into a fully grown, healthy, and balanced lion.
He has a large play area with many toys and trees inside his enclosure, as well as a swimming pool for heat relief during the hot summer months in Texas.
Nonetheless, one constant has been his obsession with the coverings.
He may be a majestic African lion, but he cannot leave the comfort of his coverings.
What a sweet big cat he is.


Watch the video of Lambert and his favorite blanket down below: