The Last Trip Of An Abandoned Paralyzed Dog

Some people love their pets unconditionally, for better or worse, whereas others adopt these animals to entertain them while they’re still strong and helpful, then dump them ruthlessly when they grow old and weak.These cold-hearted people are unbelievable, but they exist all over the world.

The German shepherd in this story once thought he belonged to a family, until he became old and paralyzed and they threw him out like garbage.The senior dog was abandoned in their old house after they moved away, with a broken heart and numerous health issues.
So when Gianna Serena Manfredi and other volunteers at the Qua La Zampa Association found him near Bitonto, Bari, Italy, they named the poor canine “Heart”.Despite having issues with his ears, spine, and two hind legs, Heart was able to move around on his own.He was a true fighter.

Gianna and a few other women had formed a group called “The Remote Mothers” to take turns caring for the unfortunate dog, and Heart was overjoyed that he had found true love in his final days.These days, however, did not last forever.He was only able to stay with them for a year.

When his time was about to come, Gianna decided to accompany him on the last trip of his life to the sea. And it was absolutely fantastic.And we went to the beach, which was lovely.”The wind caressed my ears, the waves pounded against the rocks, the sound of the sea in the stillness of winter,” Gianna wrote.”It was extremely relaxing.”I almost fell asleep, forgetting all the pain of being abandoned by those who loved me little, the pain of the sores that are beginning to appear, and the pain of not being able to run with that puppy chasing his stone.”

Heart passed away peacefully shortly afterward, knowing that he was loved and cherished. It was sad, but at least he went to a better world where he would never be neglected anymore.