“The homeless dog carried a bundle in his teeth”: that day, he saved the life of a small human

We must love, care for, and cherish our “younger brothers” because they are the ones who stick by us through the toughest times.

This heartfelt story took place in Thailand.
As usual, a homeless dog was walking through the streets, hoping to meet a kind person who would feed him.

So, next to the garbage can, the dog heard an unusual squeak that had to be compared to kitten meowing.
When the dog got closer, he noticed the bundle, grabbed it, and dragged it with him.

It wasn’t clear how long the dog had been walking in this manner, but it eventually turned and walked toward one of the houses.

The dog barked at the owners until they came out of the house.
They peered into an unusual bundle and discovered a baby who was barely breathing.
The woman immediately dialed 911, and the baby was taken to the intensive care unit.

The child is now in the hospital and on the mend, and the dog has been given the nickname Pugh and a lifeguard collar.

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