The Heartbreaking Scene in Which a Dying Zoo Employee Received Final Kisses from Giraffes

Mario Ejis, 54, worked as a maintenance staffer at Rotterdam’s Diergaarde Blijdorp Zoo in the Netherlands for 25 years, caring for some of the most amazing creatures in captivity.Mario, who also has a mental disability, had terminal cancer and had been unable to work for some time.In 2014, after spending nearly half of his life cleaning animal cages and making friends with wild beasts, he had one last request: he wanted to go back to the zoo.According to the Independent, Mario’s condition had progressed to the point where he was permanently confined to his bed.He was struggling with his speech and finding it difficult to form coherent sentences.However, the longing on his face was all that was required to persuade anyone.The Ambulance Wish Foundation, a charitable organization, came to his aid.
He was taken to the hospital in a specially designed ambulance so that he could see his friends again.The giraffes sensed his anguish.
Something incredible happened when Mario was taken to the giraffe section.
It was heartbreaking to see the giraffes approach the ambulance carrying Mario, sticking their heads through the window one after the other.They could tell he was in a lot of pain and suffering a lot.With sad expressions on their faces, they nuzzled him, kissed him, and comforted him.”These animals recognized him and sensed that something wasn’t right with him,” said Kees Veldboer, founder of the Ambulance Wish Foundation.Mario was deeply affected by the experience.”It was a very special occasion.””You saw him beaming,” Veldboer said.
He had one last chance to visit the zoo that had been his home.
He also had the opportunity to say his final goodbyes to his coworkers.
Love from all over the worldThe Ambulance Wish Foundation is a non-profit organization that transports terminally ill patients to a location of personal significance as their final wish.
The charity was founded in the Netherlands and is already well-established in the United Kingdom, with over 1506 volunteers.When the foundation posted Mario’s story on their Facebook page in 2014, it quickly went viral.Several media outlets picked it up and shared it on popular websites and Twitter.
Many people were moved by the story and amazed at the giraffes’ ability to sense Mario’s pain.
“Animals are the most beautiful and ethereal beings,” said one intuitive commenter on Buzz Nick.
In unimaginable ways, they see, feel, and touch our souls.The depth of their senses is a gift to those who unconditionally love and respect these amazing creatures, which our magnificent Creator has bestowed upon us.Mario, may you rest in peace.You were their inspiration.”