The dog’s owner believed she died two years ago, but rescuers discovered her living alone in the mountains

Animal control was attempting to apprehend a dog that was loose in a gated community near the mountains.
It was a miracle she was still alive because she was so thin.
When Animal Control failed, Hope For Paws stepped in, and it’s a good thing they di

While rescuers continued to feed her, one snuck behind her to prepare the snare.
It would be a terrifying few seconds, but they had no choice but to capture this poor pup.

She required medical attention as well as a permanent residence.
Dogs have no place on the streets or in the mountains!
She deserved to be loved!

Finally, the skinny dog was captured and carefully placed in the car.
She was terrified, but she performed admirably.
Edna was the name given to her by her rescuers.

When they returned to the hospital, they checked her for a microchip… and she had one!
Her original owner had moved her to a new home years before.
Those proprietors informed her that Edna had died!
What a nightmare!
Despite the good news of Edna’s survival, her original owner was not interested in reclaiming her.
Maybe it was a blessing in disguise because…
Please start the countdown…

Edna was placed in a wonderful foster home, and it was there that she met her forever family!
A wonderful mother and human sister who adore her!

No more hungry, lonely days for Edna ever again! YAY!