The cat tries to wake up his friend and drags him to safety

We’ve all heard or seen stories about pets grieving the loss of a loved one.
Canine tries to elicit a reaction from a fallen friend, an elephant mourning the loss of a baby calf bone.
However, we rarely hear of domestic cats doing something similar.
That will change thanks to a stray cat in China.
In the video below, we see a cat who, despite her bad luck, tries to hug her deceased friend’s carcass.


According to customer reports, the white and orange feline attempted to revive her friend by standing on top of her lifeless body.
The feline didn’t appear to be aware that his pal had died.
He’s still assuming his good friend is sleeping and dragging him somewhere safe.
In dismay, the feline took the limp corpse into its mouth and began dragging her to a nearby shelter for assistance.


The cat fought hard to drag his close friend away.
She was clearly exhausted, but she dragged herself forward, step by step.
He eventually brought his friend to safety and attempted to wake him up, not realizing that the pet cat might not wake up any longer.


Despite the fact that no one knows what caused the other feline’s death, this pet cat’s unwavering devotion has touched our hearts.
It was clear that the feline was not yet ready to let go of her best friend.
We sincerely hope that this bereaved feline finds the strength to cope with her loss.


Nobody knows what happened to the pet cat and his pal.
People have commented that he wants privacy to grieve with his fallen close friend.
Or is he hoping to find a place for his friend to recuperate, assuming he is simply stunned by the effect?
We will never truly comprehend the depth of this pet cat’s grief at losing his friend.
That they, like us, go through grief.