The Boy Saved The Money To Buy A Dog, But His Grandmother Surprised Him With Tiny Puppy

This story is about Xander Mellor, a 6-year-old boy who wanted to have a puppy. He set aside money for this for 18 months. When his mother, Natalie Elenberg, returned from her job, a smart boy in Springfield, Illinois was always asking for a change to put in a piggy bank.

Can you imagine a child refusing to buy sweets? Xander was desperate for a puppy so he did it! But when his grandparents heard about his adorable battle, his wish came true! So they made a surprise visit to him! In the video below, you can see Xander running around very happy to see his grandparents’ car!

When Xander comes to the car door and greets them, Grandma urges him to close the eyes and present him hand as a “gift.” When the happy boy opens his eyes, he sees a beautiful puppy in his arms and his smile turns into tears! What a delicate topic! Check out the video below, leave a comment and don’t forget to share the video on social media.