Sweetest dog with sad start to life always asks his mom for hugs

Raffie had a rough start in life.Fortunately, he now has an emotional support animal in his new home in the Netherlands.”I call myself his service dog, his emotional support dog,” Raffie’s new mother, Maren, explained.Raffie was a breeding animal.When he was no longer suitable for breeding, he was turned into a bait dog.

And he never retaliated.Raffie’s sweet personality kept him from biting or attacking other dogs.Raffie is a gentle dog who avoids confrontation at all costs.And if he perceives a dog to be aggressive toward him, he will simply turn his back on that dog.”He doesn’t want anything to do with it,” Maren explained.But Maren makes certain that Raffie never has to worry about such things again.She claims Raffie is her best friend and that she adores him.And the sentiment is mutual.Raffie is a very affectionate and cuddly dog.

He cuddles with his mother in the morning, afternoon, and evening.And he always follows his mother around.Even to the bathroom.Raffie is always waiting for his mother when she leaves and asks her father to look after her animals.

But Maren isn’t the only person Raffie has feelings for.He gets along well with all kinds of animals, including cats, dogs, sheep, and cows.Maren thought Raffie could use a friend, so she got a dog that looks exactly like him.Odin is the name of that dog.Odin was abandoned by his previous owner.He is Raffie’s new friend, but he has a very different personality.

Raffie, I always say, has no sense of humor and understands nothing.”However, Odin is like a clown,” Maren observed.Raffie enjoys giving hugs and kisses to his brother.They became fast friends.And both boys adore their mother.Every morning, she enjoys singing to both of them.She also enjoys giving them manicures, pedicures, massages, and facials.

“I’m aware of the large number of adult dogs in shelters.”I want to provide a good life for them,” Maren stated.Of course, he [Raffie] missed a lot of love.He was frail and terrified.He never learned to play the piano.I’m glad I can show him the affection he deserves.”I’m very proud of him and adore him,” Maren said.Raffie not only makes his mother happy, but he also makes thousands of other people happy.

What a wonderful story and a wonderful dog!”I’m so glad you saved him and gave him the life he deserves,” a YouTube commenter said.”You are their protector angel!”May you three live a long and happy life together.Such unadulterated love is priceless.”Thank God you were there for your boys,” someone else said.