Sweet Moment Sheriff Comforts His Bomb-Sniffing K9 During Thunderstorm

When it comes to bad weather, the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office recommends “keeping your friends close, and your K9s even closer (especially during a thunderstorm.)”

The police department in Olathe, Kansas not only shared a sweet photo they shared an equally sweet video on TikTok showing a K9 named Senna getting comforted.”When your bomb-sniffing K9 needs a little extra TLC during a thunderstorm,” the video caption says.

@Judithwilson341 comments, “We all have those days. It’s wonderful to have that kind of love.” @Sammiisamm says, “You gotta do what you gotta do to protect the doggie.”

Some viewers noticed the cute Winnie the Pooh umbrella Senna was keeping dry under. @JillianElizabethTa says, “It’s the Winnie the Pooh umbrella for me.”

@Mustangbrit also says, “Nothing better than a K9 under an Eeyore umbrella.”

Senna reminds us of the Bella the Mastiff, who needed cuddles during fireworks.

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