Sweet Baby Girl Only Falls Asleep When Her Dogs Are With Her

Many parents understand that getting their children to sleep is a difficult task, and many resort to extreme measures. One mother discovered a great trick for her little girl, bringing all of the family’s animals into her bedroom to get her to fall asleep.

Though it took a lot of determination to get this to work, the first attempt was a failure, and little Amelia ended up sleeping in her parents’ bed.Amelia made it to her little crib on the second attempt, but the clever toddler managed to climb out.Attempts three and four resulted in Amelia escaping from her crib as well, and one of the huskies even attempted to climb into the crib, but it was too high.

After many failed attempts, the perfect recipe was discovered, and Amelia seemed to agree to sleep only if her mother and both pups fell asleep at the same time.The two huskies seemed delighted to oblige, and lay down in the room with her as she drifted off to sleep.