Street Performer Receives Warm Hug From Dog After Being Ignored By People

The following story shows us again that dogs are lovely creatures and they are always there for us in good or bad times. A lady named Wara Rico was just taking a look out her window in Colombia one day when she saw something happening in the street below. Right there, in the middle of the street, an artist was singing to people passing by at the busy intersection. He hoped to earn money from tips, but was instead ignored.

In fact, as we can see from the video, the struggling street performer didn’t get a dime, so he walked back to the side of the road empty-handed when the light turned green. It was then that he received a gentle hug from a four-legged friend who wanted to comfort the man during this difficult time. The white dog started wagging its tail at the sight of the approaching man, and they entered into a long, loving embrace. Such a beautiful moment captured on camera. Wara was so inspired by this gesture and went downstairs to talk to the man. As it turned out, the aspiring artist named Anderson was going through some tough times.

But he kept his dog Mayte and his canine little sister, Negrita, well fed and cared for despite the problems. Wara arranged a visit to the vet to have the two dogs examined and even bought some studio time to give Anderson a hearing. Thanks to his generosity, the once ignored artist now has thousands of followers on social networks! Things are going well for Anderson and his loyal pets. Have a look at the footage for more and let us know your thoughts.