Stray, who is afraid of people, summons the courage to ask one man to relieve his pain

Stray animals are not only starved, but they are also left to deal with medical issues on their own, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

Thankfully, animal heroes do everything they can to assist.
When a group learned about a homeless dog with a massive tumor, they set out to find him.
It wasn’t easy, but they eventually got a call that he was wandering around a nearby pagoda.
They were astounded by the size of the mass on his shoulder when they arrived.
The dog was clearly in pain and continued to lick it away.
The rescuers were heartbroken that he had gone through this alone.
They needed to get him to the vet clinic as soon as possible.

He was now classified as an emergency and was rushed to Emergency Vet Partner.
The vet was surprised that the dog had survived this long!
When the vet and his team got closer, they could smell the infection brewing in the tumor and the surrounding tissue.
It was dripping with pus and blood.
He needed surgery right away.

It was like looking at a completely different dog after the vet removed the tumor.
He still required IV antibiotics and pain relievers 24 hours a day.
When he was discharged, the rescue group began reaching out to medical foster homes for him.

Surprisingly, the former stray recovered faster than expected and was able to go to his new home.
His medical foster mother absolutely adores him!
She ensures that he attends all of his vet appointments and takes all of his medications.
He’s still on pain medication, but he’s doing great!
According to the veterinarian, he will fully recover and lead a normal life.

We are overjoyed that this adorable puppy was saved just in time!
Thank you to all of the animal heroes who do this out of the goodness of their hearts.
Scroll down to see the dog’s amazing transformation.