Stray Pit Bull Sleeps Fast And Snores In The Car Just Seconds After Rescued

Finding a forever home where they are loved and cared for must be the best thing that can happen to an animal.This is a more valuable opportunity for those who have been abandoned, are waiting for adoption, or have an unhappy life with their previous owners.It has the potential to completely transform their life in a positive direction.These newly adopted animals can unwind completely.It’s normal to see them sleeping quickly after being adopted.This is also the case with the stray dog.The poor animal was abandoned before being rescued and adopted by a couple.He slept quickly and snored in his owner’s car after being rescued.Continue reading to learn more!I felt like he knew that he was going to have a place to sleep that night.

Jayme Harley was sleeping one early morning two weeks ago when she heard the sound of text notifications from her phone.Her boyfriend had sent her this message.He’d texted her a picture of a sad-looking dog at a gas station with the words, “Go get him!”Actually, the woman was still groggy at first, but she soon realized she was in a critical situation.Jayme wanted to get a second dog, but her boyfriend wasn’t thrilled with the idea.This was big news if he wanted her to save one.

“When I realized it wasn’t a dream, I knew it was serious, that he really wanted me to go get him,” Harley told The Dodo.Aaron Peters, Jayme’s boyfriend, noticed the pit bull while driving his early morning FedEx delivery route.He decided to pull over at a gas station after being captivated by the dog’s kind bright blue eyes.

“He appeared to be in need of a family,” Peters told The Dodo.”I figured we could find him a decent place to live.”Harley then jumped in her car and drove to a gas station in Kinta, Oklahoma.When she arrived, she gave the dog some water and quickly discovered that the poor boy had been abandoned.

“A girl pulled up and told me she saw him jump out of a car,” Harley explained.”And because he was a pit bull, no one would take him in.”That broke my heart because it shouldn’t matter what kind of dog he is.All he desired was for someone to love him.”Harley made the decision to find this dog a new home.She put him in the car, and he was asleep and snoring before she even got out of the parking lot.It was only a matter of seconds.

“It made me feel like it was the ideal moment,” Harley explained.”I had the impression he knew he was going to have a place to sleep that night.”He was going to eat something.And he finally got the assistance he required.”Harley wanted the dog to be checked out, so she took him to her veterinarian’s office.The dog lacked a microchip, but other than some mange, he was in good health.

She named the dog Rufus and took him home with her.She wasn’t sure if Rufus would be able to adjust to his new surroundings and befriended Harley’s cat — but he quickly became friends with her dog.”They just started loving on each other and have been best friends ever since.”They share a bed.”Everything is done together,” Harley explained.Rufus quickly became friends with Harley’s cat, children, and boyfriend.The dog quickly made himself at home and seemed to enjoy his stay.Peters knew right away that the dog would fit in.”He’s a good dog,” said Peters.

Peters and Harley now believe Rufus is the one for them.”Having him here has added warmth to our home.””He’s added a lot more laughter,” Harley said”He was the missing puzzle piece in our family.”He was the missing piece we didn’t even realize we needed.