Stray Dog Found Sleeping On Trash Can’t Stop Hugging Her Rescuers

A Good Samaritan in Missouri saw a puppy resting on a trash heap several days in a row and decided to call for help.He called Stray Rescue of St. Louis (SRSL), and their team of rescuers rushed out to save her.Donna Lochmann, the SRSL’s chief lifesaving officer, was the first to notice the puppy.”When we arrived, she was still rummaging through the trash because she was hungry, and we could see she was skinny,” Lochmann explained to The Dodo.When the dog didn’t notice Lochmann at first, she began to hide under the trash can.

Lochmann realized she needed to gain the puppy’s trust in order to save her.She thus considered the dog’s hunger before handing out a treat.”She was really into the sausages,” Lochmann said.”However, when I knelt down and offered her one, she walked right past the food and up to me.”Instead of chewing on the food that was being presented to her, the adorable dog moved as close to her rescuer as she could and locked eyes with her.”She seemed to be saying, ‘Are you here to help me?'”
Lochmann explained.

Lochmann led the dog to the car while wearing a leash around her neck after gaining her trust.Lochmann named the puppy Little Toes, and he immediately won the hearts of every employee at the shelter.”She was so nice to everyone in the clinic,” Lochmann remarked.”She was basically hugging everyone.”

Little Toes was only at the shelter for a day and a half before being placed in foster care, but she made the most of her time there by showing as much love as she could.Little Toes now devotes her time to her new foster parents and canine sibling.Her sweet personality is growing by the day now that she is in a safe and caring temporary home.Little Toes’ friends at SRSL are relieved that she will never go hungry, even if they miss her hugs.