Stray Cat Sneaks Into Police Station And Chooses Officer As His New Family

Police departments all over the world are familiar with dogs, but the same cannot be said for cats.When a stray cat wandered into the Columbia Police Department in Columbia, South Carolina, looking for attention, everything changed.

“This furry feline stopped by CPD West Region to tell us we were posting too many dog pictures and needed to show some love to cats as well,” the police department said.It wasn’t difficult to get along with the cat, who pretended to want cuddles from every officer in the station and decided to brighten everyone’s day with a few snuggles here and there.Scroll through the photos below to see how his adventure went, and like Columbia Police Department on Facebook.

Meet Kingsley, the confident cat who sneaked into Columbia Police Department to spread his charm.

It was clear that his goal was to take selfies with everyone in the department.

He’s caught on camera posing for a selfie with an officer.

Aside from that, he cuddled with them to help them get to work.

Following the failure to locate Kingsley’s owner, an officer offered to be his forever family.

Officer Brandon Montgomery, who offered him a forever home, is pictured with him.