“Stone Faced” Dog was in so much pain that she just gives up

For homeless dogs, life is a never-ending struggle for survival.
But for one sick stray dog named Petra, life had turned into a painful chore that she desperately wanted to be done with.
Poor Petra was found ailing on the streets by the workers of “Save A Greek Stray”, writes ilovemydogsomuch


Her diseased skin was in such bad shape that she resembled a crumbling stone statue.

While Petra was rescued and brought to the shelter, her complete lack of trust in humans posed a significant challenge.
The battered hound was convinced that humans were cruel and would invariably harm her.
When Valia Orfanidou, an expert animal rehabilitator, learned about Petra’s mounting problems, she knew the dog’s emotional and physical scars required a special kind of healing.

When Valia took over as Petra’s caregiver, she realized she was in for a difficult task.
Petra was put on a strict treatment plan for leishmaniasis, ehrichia, and a variety of other health issues, which gradually pushed her toward recovery.
But in her heart, Petra was still a “aloof snob” – until Valia found a way to win her over!

The following video focuses on Petra’s struggle to overcome her scarred mental state following her physical recovery.
Valia is an amazing woman who gives Petra enough space to see humans in a new light.
Her endearing warmth gradually melts Petra’s frozen heart, and the beautiful dog embraces humans with a rare sense of hope!

The most moving part of this video occurs near the end, when a graciously transformed Petra is forced to leave Valia and move into her wonderful forever home.
The triumphant but bittersweet ending is unlike anything we’ve seen before – and we couldn’t help but cry as we watched this one-of-a-kind fairytale.
This heartwarming story has restored our faith in humanity!

To see sickly Petra’s extreme human fear and how she turned her life around with Valia’s help, watch the video below.