So Happy Now That a Starving Pit Bull Puppy Was Discovered Dying in a Gutter

A tiny Pit Bull puppy was discovered in a gutter on the side of the road and was left for dead.
Tig was abandoned when he was only 9 months old, and he was so skinny and hypothermic that his rescuers didn’t know if he would make it through the night, let alone the next hour.

The good news is that he was discovered in time and taken to the hospital.
“I don’t think he would have made it if we had waited any longer,” said Humane Law Enforcement Administration (HLE) Thomas Ingle of the Humane Rescue Partnership.

Tig was placed in the care of Kim O’Keefe, a seasoned foster caregiver who kept a close eye on him.
Tig was very weak for the next 24 hours, and it was difficult to tell if he would make it.
Kim, on the other hand, saw something in Tig’s eyes–a will to live.

Tig made it through, and a week later he was able to sit up on his own.
He was carefully cared for for 11 weeks while regaining weight and mobility.

Tig was soon accepted into a wonderful home with Megan, and he now “spends his days going on walks, playing, and also snuggling with his new canine brother and sister.”