Small puppy with large stomach abandoned in cardbox, sad eyes looking for help

With a large stomach, this poor puppy was abandoned in a cardbox.
We had no idea what was wrong with her or how long she had been in pain.

Look at her eyes, they’re filled with fear and sadness as she waits for help!

We took our little puppy to the vet for treatment, and after checking her stomach with a lot of fluids, we discovered that her back legs were also swollen like her stomach.

Day 1: After the first treatment, our little puppy (named Bean) can now eat small amounts of food.

She is going to drill the fluids out of her stomach tomorrow!
The fluid has been drilled out several times.

Day 2: Bean is able to eat foods after drilling out fluids.
Good evening!

After 5 days of treatment at the veterinary clinic, little Bean is on the mend and ready to go home.

She’s more active and playful now, and she’s also playing with me.
I can’t wait to see Bean grow into a beautiful and happy girl!

Day 8: Our little Bean is now at home.
Look at her bright eyes!

She’ll keep going to the vet until she’s completely healed.
Bean, our little naughty girl, is barking at me, hii.
She deserves to live a happy life after going through so much pain.
Thank you all!