Siri Translates What HUSKY Says, It Understands Him

When you stop to think about it, the technology we have today is incredible. We can use a small black rectangle to do everything from unlocking on our front door to looking up anything we can possibly think of. And our smartphones are also capable of understanding us when we speak.

The most famous AI virtual assistant is Apple’s Siri. You can ask her anything and she’ll respond.But on occasions, high-tech technology surprises us by doing things it’s not supposed to do. One example has to do with Siri and a dog. Speaking of technology… Thanks to the internet, we’re able to see all kinds of funny videos. Some of these have to do with gadgets that go awry. In a video that’s now been viewed nearly 300,000 times, we see a Husky interacting with Siri.

Well, if you know anything about this dog breed, it’s that these pups are gorgeous and they like to talk.The internet is also flooded with videos of talking huskies. Sometimes, they sound as though they’re speaking human words. That includes things like “I love you” and “mom.” It’s uncanny but amazing at the same time. Okay, so back to the video. As mentioned, this one involves a Husky and his owners’ Siri.He has questions. At the start, you hear the dog “talk.”

According to the caption, it sounds somewhat like he’s saying “Hello mum.” The funny thing is, he’s talking directly at Siri. Well, since he’s a dog and not a person, this technological device shouldn’t respond, right? No…wrong.Siri has answers. In response, you hear Siri say, “I didn’t catch that. Could you try again?” So, the dog obliges. He again talks with his owner adding the caption, “Are you deaf.” Since Siri didn’t answer, this dog lets out what sounds just like the word “Hello” to which he gets a response.

“Hi there, how can I help?” Oh my gosh, this is hysterical.She’s laughing at the fact that Siri answered. But with a heavy accent, this device has a response for her too — “I’m still not sure about that.” Confused, the Husky lets out a sound like “What?” But Siri refuses to answer again. So, he tries with a few more captioned statements when he finally gets an answer, “I’m here.”