Sick stray dog buckles when he sees blanket on woman’s porch and allows her to help him

Nothing breaks your heart more than seeing defeat in the eyes of someone you care about.Dogs have long had a place alongside humans, but this is not always the case.We continue to see or hear about hundreds of stray dogs on a regular basis.But help isn’t always far away.

These dogs frequently fend for themselves by foraging in trash or relying on the kindness of others.This dog, on the other hand, does not have this luxury.Big Love Animal Rescue’s Lisa Arturo and Lisa Chiarelli received a call.The woman who called them said there was a dog running around their neighborhood.The dog is not dangerous and was only trying to survive.It was obviously a stray.

The woman also stated that people in her neighborhood frequently throw rocks at him in an attempt to chase or scare him away.He doesn’t have a place to live, and no one knows how long he’s been like this.The concerned woman believed that he should not continue to suffer in this manner.They went to the neighborhood to get the dog.They had food, water, and crates ready.They went around the neighborhood, checking backyards and alleyways.

But it wouldn’t be that simple.

Minutes became hours.Even after hours of waiting and searching, the dog had not appeared.It was getting late, and there were no signs of the stray.The pair gave up that day, but not before planning for the next trap.They requested that the woman leave a blanket on her porch to entice the dog.

They received the call the next morning.The woman called them again, saying the dog was on her porch at the time they were talking.With their crates and chicken, Arturo and Chiarelli drove back to the neighborhood.

Bundled up

When they arrived at the woman’s home, they saw the dog wrapped in a blanket as if it was the first time he experienced that kind of comfort.

They had set traps and maneuvers in case the dog tried to sprint, but instead they were met with heartbreaking news.He was surrendering.

The dog was so defeated that it didn’t even fight back.It’s as if it’s telling them to do whatever they want with him because he just wants to give up.The two comforted him and stroked his scabbed face, assuring him that everything would be fine.

They then took him to the veterinarian to have him checked out and cleaned up.They were fortunate to arrive at the dog at the time they did because his test results indicated that he required all the assistance he could get.

He was taken to a shelter.For the time being, he had the best chance of rehabilitation there.Fortunately, the dog was quickly adopted by a couple.

He met his new family and got along well with the couple’s other dogs.The O’Donnells claimed that he was enjoying the garden that he claimed as his own from a location that chased him away with rocks.And for the rest of his life, this dog will never have to deal with the hardships he encountered on the streets.

“I think he’s going to be one of these dogs who is always a puppy.”
Amy O’Donnell told The Dodo”He’s just so endearing.We were extremely fortunate.”