Shy Stray Roaming the Streets Isn’t Even “A Dog,” But Rescuers Fight For Him

All a stray wandering the streets could think about was finding a good meal and some shelter to keep him safe from the elements.
ilovemydogsomuch writesFor one particular stray wandering around, named “New Boy,” he appeared to be any other animal in need.He was skinny, hungry, and in desperate need of a bath.When a local Los Angeles shelter picked up New Boy, they had no idea how special he was.All dogs are unique, but New Boy was unlike any other dog the shelter volunteers had met.

Volunteers quickly realized that this poor boy was extremely shy.He was so afraid of people that he pressed himself against a wall and refused to look away.He was also dehydrated, malnourished, mange-ridden, and parasitic.He deserved to be treated and loved.But things were about to change drastically.

An experienced shelter worker noticed this “dog” was definitely different as New Boy was placed in a kennel and examined.The shelter worker then called for New Boy to be examined, and her suspicions were confirmed.
New Boy was in fact a wolf-dog cross!

This realization revealed a significant issue.The shelter lacked the resources to care for him.It was illegal for them to keep New Boy, so he would be euthanized if he did not find a new home.The shelter workers were deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deThey went to every possible location and finally got lucky.The W.O.L.F. Sanctuary in Colorado stepped forward and offered to take in New Boy.The 18-hour journey to pick up New Boy was undertaken without hesitation by sanctuary workers.The wolf-dog received the medical attention he required once he returned to his new home.

The sweet boy required extensive care.He was also anemic and had some foot problems.He’s doing well as he recovers at the animal hospital.He’ll join his new friends at the sanctuary once he’s medically cleared.