Shelter Dog With Missing Ear Modifies His Favorite Toy To Look Just Like Him

There must have been a time when this dear dog named Bruno felt as if he was on the tragic final chapter of a sad life story.At one year old, he was still a pup, and his future seemed bleak.

“Bruno used to live chained up outside,” his SPCA of Wake County, North Carolina, rescuers wrote.”And another dog attacked him and he couldn’t run away, and his ear was ripped off.”But what appeared to be the end of Bruno’s story was actually just the beginning of a much happier one.Bruno’s spirit proved far more resilient than anyone expected, despite bearing outward scars from his abusive and neglectful upbringing.Bruno may have appeared “broken” to some.His heart, however, remained full of hope and love.

To lift Bruno’s spirits as he prepared for an indefinite stay at the shelter, his caregivers gave him a plush dog doll to keep him company.They eventually became inseparable.Bruno was no longer alone in his situation.Though he quickly realized he wasn’t alone in form.

Bruno tore one of his favorite stuffed animals’ ears off — the same ear he’s missing himself,” the shelter wrote.”The employee who discovered this couldn’t believe it…”It was as if he wanted to demonstrate that his beloved toy was still lovable despite the “imperfection,” and that perhaps someone else would feel the same way about him.”Bruno knows he’s not broken, and now he has a best friend just like him to prove it,” the shelter wrote.

If Bruno was hoping to send a message to his favorite toy with that relatable modification, one thing is certain: that message was received.The SPCA of Wake County posted about Bruno and his single-eared companion, and word spread quickly.And then came the news that everyone had been waiting for.He’d finally found a place to live.

“Bruno has a new father in a moment!!!Of course, his matching stuffie has to accompany him so they can be best friends forever “An update was provided by the shelter.”Bruno’s adopter adores him exactly as he is and has promised to shower him with unconditional love for the rest of his life.”

Of course, Bruno’s past sadness and trauma will never be forgotten, but it now serves as a mere prelude to a whole new life story of happiness and love.