Shelter dog neglected for years transforms when she finally feels love

Violet has finally experienced what it is like to be in love.It’s always heartbreaking to consider how some dogs are neglected or abandoned, leaving them to fend for themselves on the street.We want to believe that all of these dogs will have happy endings.Violet finally found a family in Whitney after being deprived of love and affection for so long.
The woman’s selfless love for the dog in need touched the hearts of millions of people online.Violet’s transformation was nothing short of amazing, but it was also heartbreaking because she was in such bad shape when Whitney adopted her.Whitney was extremely fortunate to find her and give her a second chance at life.

Violet was so skinny when Whitney first saw her that she could feel her bones when she touched her.Violet’s eyes were also filled with dirt, and she gave everyone a sad look.She was a lonely puppy who had never known love.

Whitney made a point of taking Violet to the veterinarian before bringing her home.She discovered at the clinic that the dog weighed only 19.4 pounds, despite the fact that a puppy her age should weigh 40 to 60 pounds.Violet is severely malnourished, and Whitney knew she needed to get her to her ideal weight as soon as possible.

Violet was suspicious of everyone around her after years of neglect and deprivation, including Whitney, who only wanted the dog to be loved.The dog was overwhelmed and unfamiliar with the amount of attention and affection she was receiving from her new family.Whitney expected the dog to be wary of her, so she made sure to shower Violet with love and care as she settled into her new home.

She was hesitant to dig in at first, but once she started munching on the food, the dog immediately liked it and ate with gusto.Violet going to his doggie bed for the first time was also a bittersweet moment.It was a soft and fluffy bed designed to make her feel at ease.Her hesitation only demonstrated how she had been treated in the past.She was trying out the bed, as if to ask herself, “Is this really for me?”

Violet gradually came to trust Whitney and her family.She would approach her and lay down beside her.She likes to snuggle with her fur Mommy on the couch.Violet had never been happier than when they were together.

Violet’s newfound friends with whom she runs around and plays during the day.Violet enjoys lying beside Whitney at night, kissing and cuddling her until both of them fall asleep.Violet’s health and overall well-being improve dramatically within two months of her adoption.She is definitely improving, and her bubbly personality has emerged.Violet has grown from a scared and lonely puppy to a healthy and happy doggo.

Whitney has lavished Violet with love and kindness, and as a result, Violet has transformed into a happy, healthy dog.We’re overjoyed that these two met.