She suffered so much that she trembled when touched, until she discovered the power of a caress

Those who have no idea what an animal can go through on the streets should look into Mina’s case.A puppy who had a rough start after being born in a Romanian public market writes fancy4work.

Mina was rescued in a Romanian market.

When Howl of a Dog volunteers learned of the dog’s existence, they went in search of her and discovered her in a sorry state: she was malnourished, had mange, and anemia.The most difficult part was not this.The most difficult part was discovering Mira’s emotional damage was permanent.

I was terrified of humans.

Despite the fact that the founders of Howl of a Dog, Diana Badescu and Catalin Stancu, came to Mina’s rescue and took her to the shelter, a warm and safe place for her, the dog did not stop shaking, even when she was petted with great care.She was terrified of making any kind of contact.

The rescuers had no idea this puppy had a weakness.

Along with comprehensive medical treatment that helped her gain weight and prevented the scabies from spreading further, the rescuers had to propose patient daily therapy to help Mina overcome her fear of being in public.Then they began to caress her gently every day, paying close attention to her reaction and leaving her alone when the tremors and fear became too much.So the days passed without much progress until they realized Mina had a weakness: they scratched her belly!

His health, like his personality, evolved.

Mina began to move forward emotionally as a result of her nutrition problems and scabies, finally understanding that she had fallen into the right hands: all those humans were there to take care of her and love her, no one else would treat her.
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They came across a friendly and playful dog.

Then Mina’s move was decisive.The dog demonstrated her affection and gratitude by showing affection not only to people but also to other animals in the shelter.

She gets along well with the other shelter pets.

Mina’s rescuers are just waiting for her scabies problem to clear up so they can put her up for adoption and place her in a peaceful, loving home where she can be happy for the rest of her life.

It is almost ready to move into its new home.

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