She Stops On The Highway To Rescue A Dog That Got Lost During A Snowstorm

A woman who was caring for a stray puppy who was freezing to death on a Texas highway used tortillas to keep the puppy warm and fed.People came together to help countless animals in distress during the winter storms that ravaged the majority of the United States.

Kristin Salinas went grocery shopping with her family in mind.She came across a shivering stray dog on her way home.Kristin, an animal lover, did not hesitate to devise a plan to save a distressed puppy in need of assistance.The animal is extremely cautious because he is afraid.It was difficult to save a large number of people because the dog refused to let anyone approach him.In order to save him, Kristin utilized her newly acquired tortillas from the store.

Despite the woman making a tortilla-slice path for the dog to follow to her car, the dog remained wary of the human.Kristin refused to give up when she couldn’t attract him with tortillas for more than 30 minutes and tried to save him as much as she could.After only a short wait, the fearful Labrador approached Kristin’s car and climbed into the back seat.

“We’re attempting to help the dogs understand what’s going on,” Christine explained to Fox San Antonio.Helping animals in need is a worthy cause, and I hope that everyone will contribute.Despite the fact that the event’s sole purpose was to save as many pets as possible, the woman claimed she had no idea she was being filmed at the time.She told local media that this isn’t the first time she’s rescued a needy dog.She frequently assists abandoned animals on the streets.

The woman took the dog home and did everything she could to keep him warm so he could sleep soundly.If she is unable to locate the dog’s owners by the following day, she intends to find him a home with the help of an Animal Assistance Center.Kristin’s Facebook photo of the found dog was shared with the San Antonio, Texas – Lost Dog, Cat & Pets group.It is hoped that the dog will be returned to his family, but if this is not possible, the dog will be taken in by a loving home.

The author stated on Facebook:Spread the word to assist us in locating this animal’s family!He’s a handsome black lab with lovely brown eyes who is safe, warm, and well-fed!”All we care about is who owns it!!”