She howled in a dirty puddle until she was rescued, injured, lost, and unable to move

For those who live on the streets, life can be extremely difficult.
It’s a heartbreaking situation for animals who can’t help themselves.
Deviations are rampant in many countries, and there aren’t enough people to care or help.
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Cold temperatures, rain, and snow make life even more difficult for these helpless animals.
A storm threatened the life of a severely injured dog who was unable to move.
Dogs, like humans, can die from hypothermia.
Her leg was badly bruised and swollen, and she just stood in a dirty puddle crying as the rain continued to fall.

Finally, a woman with a wonderful heart arrived.
She noticed the poor, distressed girl.
Carina, the rescuer, picked her up and put her in her warm vehicle.
Carina attempts to feed her after drying her with a towel, but she refuses.
Her body temperature remains dangerously low.

The dog, now named Liberty, was examined thoroughly at the rescue center.She displayed all of the symptoms of distemper, but she tested negative.She still had nasal and eye discharge.Liberty took a long hot shower.Carina hoped that now that Liberty was warm and clean, she would perform better.Liberty had a severe infection, according to the results of her blood work.The number of white blood cells is excessive.She is anemic as well.Carina gave Liberty antibiotics and put her on an iron-rich diet.If the iron dropped any further, she might require an iron infusion.

Liberty was still fighting, but she was in critical condition.Nonetheless, her caregiver refused to give up.Carina placed her box in the sun, hoping that it would make her feel better.She also gave her immune-boosting supplements.Liberty persisted in her fight.Liberty had a chance thanks to Carina’s love and kindness.

We don’t know what the future holds for Liberty because this was a recent rescue.But, at the very least, she is no longer homeless and suffering alone.Let us hope she recovers completely and lives a happy life.Could you please spread the word so that Liberty receives as many prayers as possible?Thank you very much, Carina!You are an amazing woman!