Shaking beagle rescued from lab finds place where she can call home

Ella was able to adjust well to her new life after a few weeks.Lori didn’t hesitate when she was offered the chance to be a foster mom for Ella, an abused beagle.Ella had spent her entire life being experimented on in a cage.According to the Human Society of the United States, it rescued 4,000 beagles from a facility in Cumberland, Virginia, where they were bred and sold to labs, where they would have had a short life of pain, suffering, and isolation.

Many people are unaware that an estimated 60,000 dogs like these are still used in laboratories each year,” according to the Humane Society.”The Humane Society will continue to promote alternatives to animal testing in order to put an end to this antiquated practice,” it said.When Ella was rescued from the lab, she had no idea what freedom was like.

When Lori brought her home, she was trembling like a leaf and terrified.She didn’t move for five days unless Lori forced her to.”I’d have to carry her back in because she was so terrified of the wind,” Lori explained.Ella would sit in the same corner of the couch for days on end.But she gradually began to come out of her shell.She became playful and began pecking at the buttons on the back of Lori’s couch, attempting to rip them off.

She then started playing with Lori and jumped on her back.Lori was overjoyed when she saw Ella wag her tail for the first time.

“Those little moments grew into bigger moments,” Lori explained.Ella, on the other hand, had a long way to go.She had no idea what a ball was.She had to learn how to bounce and roll with it.

Lori tossed an oversized tennis ball to Ella, who simply barked at it.But she eventually began to play and developed into a happy, playful puppy.She also had no idea what mirrors were.She’d see herself and just start barking.

Ella was ready to be placed for adoption after four weeks of socialization and learning the ins and outs of life.Lori was overcome with emotion as she dropped Ella off with her new family.Though she was sad to see Ella go, Lori was confident that Ella would thrive in her new home with this family.Ella’s new home also included another beagle to play with.