Service dog saves the day after owner has seizure in grocery store

Service dogs can be a life-saving resource for many people with medical conditions.These devoted companions are specially trained to recognize when their owner is in distress and respond appropriately, whether it’s by fetching medicine or calling for assistance.One video, which shows the moment one dog responds after his owner has a seizure in a grocery store, demonstrates how incredible these service animals can be.

According to WGHP, Amber Laudicina of North Carolina suffers from unexpected seizures as a result of chemotherapy-related brain damage after battling a brain tumor in 2010.She is thankfully accompanied by an 11-month-old service dog named Koda, whom she has trained to respond when she has a seizure.

And one of those instances was captured on video.Amber was shopping at her neighborhood Harris and Teeter.Amber begins to show signs of a seizure while training her dog in the aisle, including a slight delay in body language and wavering movements.

Koda began to notice something was wrong before his owner did, and he barks in alert.Koda stays by Amber’s side as she slumps to the ground, making sure she doesn’t get hurt.Amber was in a “dazed state,” but Koda could tell something was wrong.
He barked, and luckily, an employee familiar with their situation recognized that if Koda barks, something is wrong.The employee then takes over and calls for emergency assistance, while Koda stands guard patiently.Amber wrote that despite the fact that Koda is still in training and that his leash interfered with some of his tasks, he “did very well.”

“He literally saved my life,” Amber told WGHP.”He saved my life by preventing me from getting hurt and ending up in the hospital with a concussion or worse.”Amber wrote in the video that it was his first true emergency situation, and he “did amazing.””You can train and train for this, but you’ll never know how far you’ve come until it happens,” she wrote.

Amber also praised the supermarket workers, saying they went above and beyond with their response.”Typically, employees do not sit with me or anything like that.”They usually just stand around and wait for EMTs,” Amber explained.”[The assistant manager] went above and beyond,” Amber told WXII.”In as long as I’ve had service dogs and as long as I’ve been sick, I’ve never seen anyone take on a situation like she did.”

It’s not often that a moment like this is captured on video, and it’s incredible to see Koda react to his owner’s health crisis in real time.It serves as a reminder of how beneficial service dogs can be to those in need.