Senior dog melts hearts with her sweet ‘greeting’ for her elderly friend

Every morning, she sits on the lawn, waiting for her friend to arrive so they can brighten each other’s day.Every morning, two friends meet on this quiet street to brighten each other’s day.Maisy, an eleven-year-old Golden Retriever, waits on her front lawn for her friend Richard.Every morning, Richard walks down the street with his walker, eager to see his furry friend.”Richard walks around my block from the retirement community, and my dog adores him.”Here they are this morning saying hello to each other,” Maisy’s father, Mas, wrote on the TikTok post.

Maisy would lie down on the grass on their front lawn in the morning, looking for her friend.She stands up and walks to the sidewalk once she catches a glimpse of him.Maisy would walk over to Richard, who would immediately stroke her fur as he got closer.Maisy’s tail would wag furiously whenever she caught sight of Richard.Talk about ecstatic!She even lets out a low howl as Richard approaches her.

Sometimes, Maisy would give Richard gifts, including a special leaf or stick she picked up.Mas did not specify when or how Maisie and Richard first met.It didn’t really matter, though.What mattered was the friendship they’d been cultivating every morning they saw each other.One of the viewers speculated that they must have known each other in a previous life.And they have to be because their bond and connection are so unique and inexplicable.And it’s especially meaningful for Richard, who, at his age, may have fewer family and friends alive today.Living in a retirement home isn’t always ideal, so meeting Maisy on his walks is a great reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Having Maisy to look forward to seeing you and being your friend is a great reason to get out of bed in the morning.Maisy rose from the lawn and waited for Richard to arrive before strolling to the sidewalk to greet her best human friend.Maisy enjoys it when Richard strokes her fur from head to tail.

They have nothing but love to show each other.Even when Maisy isn’t feeling well and moves a little slower on any given day, she shows up for her friend, who may be missing her.However, one day they arrived on the lawn a little later than usual and missed Richard on his daily walk.But that’s fine.They went out the next day and saw Richard, so Maisy could get her daily rubs.

Many followers were concerned that the weather would turn cold and Richard would be unable to go on his daily walks.Maisy would miss him terribly.They’ll cross the bridge when they get there, though.