Sealed-Snout The dog wouldn’t let them get too close, but he kept leading them down a path

While driving through town, a man noticed a dog on the side of the road.
According to ilovemydogsomuch, the dog appeared to be in pain.

The man pulled over to talk to him.
He got a better look and noticed the dog’s snout was wired shut.
And the man had witnessed it before!
In slaughterhouses, tying a wire around a dog’s snout is a common and painful practice.
This brave dog must have escaped from a nearby slaughterhouse by some miracle.
He sat there in excruciating pain.
When the man and his friends approached the dog, he bolted.
Knowing what humans were capable of before clearly traumatized the dog.

The man and his friends went in search of the dog.
He continued to flee, but the dog was eventually apprehended thanks to diligence and teamwork.
It took 6 hours, but the dog’s life was well worth it!
The man adopted the dog and named him Balboa.

Balboa was properly evaluated once he arrived at the vet.
His mouth was severely damaged.
It was infected and swollen.
The veterinarian prescribed antibiotics, pain medication, and IV fluids as an emergency treatment.

The wire would then be removed from his mouth.
Balboa was treated with such gentleness and care by the vet!
The brave dog is awake while the wire is removed, but he is on medication to keep him calm and pain-free.
He’s such a fighter!

Balboa recovers quickly enough to eat his first proper meal.
All of the volunteers assemble to witness this feat.
It’s an incredible feeling to be able to open and close his mouth and chew.
He’s such a happy little boy!

His wounds are healing, and Balboa is much happier around humans.
He realizes that the humans from his past will not return.
The next step for Balboa will be to find a forever home.
We are overjoyed for this deserving dog.
Thank you to everyone who helped save his life! is the source.