Sad & Scared Pitt Bull Who Has Been Kept In A Tight Cage For 2 Years Now Has A Deformed Body

This is the story of Landis, a pit bull who spent the first two years of his life in a cage because his previous owners wouldn’t let him out.
thepetneeds writes

As Landis grew over the course of these two years, the cage became too small for him, causing his body to become deformed and dwarfed as he was unable to grow properly.

Fortunately, Landis was taken to an animal hospital in Georgia by a shelter in the hopes that they could treat his flat feet and hunched body.
Fortunately, the shelter provided Landis with the excellent care he required.
And, despite being in a shelter, he was in a true paradise.
Second Chance Rescue was then contacted by the shelter for additional assistance, and they immediately agreed to take him in in New York City.

To help straighten out his body, he received hydrotherapy, physical therapy, and medical treatment.
Landis, despite having had a very bad life, was still adorable and enjoyed receiving attention from everyone he met.
Fortunately, he was adopted by a loving family near Cape Cod in Massachusetts, and he can now spend his time on the beach straightening his legs with the sand.

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