Running out of milk to feed her pups, poor mama dog folds hands everyday to beg food

He described how he recently saw a stray dog wandering along the route he used to take home from work.He was astounded by how the dog would “kneel down” and beg for food whenever someone passed by.

The wild dog “kneels down” every day to ask for food.

He brought a sausage the next day for the wild dog because he assumed it was hungry.He was delighted to see the sausage and eagerly accepted it.Instead of eating right away, it placed the food in its mouth before turning and walking away.

Inquiring about the dog’s unusual behavior, the man crept along and, to his surprise, discovered the wild dog’s final resting place in a nearby abandoned home.He was even more taken aback when he saw five tiny puppies that appeared to have just been born.When the wild dog noticed the visitor, it became extremely alarmed and steadfastly guarded the five tiny dogs.

It turned out that this was the mother dog, because it had just given birth to 5 puppies, and because of a lack of food and milk, it devised a novel but highly effective method of “begging for food.”

When he noticed this, he took the dogs to a cleaner and safer location, while also requesting help from neighbors.Everyone enjoys watching these young puppies grow into healthy, active canines.