Rufus The Rescued Kangaroo Insists On Daily Couch Cuddles With Dad

Today we bring you the story of Rufus, a rescue kangaroo who enjoys lounging on the couch, watching television, and cuddling his human dad.This sluggish kangaroo was rescued as an eight-month-old joey.Kym Haywood, Rufus’ adoptive mother, runs the Patch Kangaroo Sanctuary in Boston.Even though Rufus is an adult, his obsession with the couch continues.Even the kangaroo has a favorite spot on the couch.

Every evening, this adorable kangaroo comes in through the back door to relax on the couch in front of the television.Kym finds it difficult to put Rufus to bed because he enjoys staying in his favorite position.When his adoptive mother tells him it’s time for bed, the kangaroo slumps onto the sofa and burys his head.

Despite the human owners’ best efforts to entice him away from the couch with grapes, the cunning kangaroo accepts the grapes but flops back down.His owners no longer compete for space on the couch.As the kangaroo grows, they simply move further away on the couch.Rufus appears to be the sole owner of that location.When visitors arrive at their home, they are informed that no one may sit in Rufus’s seat because it is reserved for him.

Kym and her husband Neil give up their couch space for the kangaroo who has been with them since he was eight months old.But they are more than happy to do so because they adore Rufus and look forward to seeing him every day.The two humans thought it was the cutest thing ever when the kangaroo started lounging on the couch.Rufus is a one-of-a-kind kangaroo who adores the couch and feels safe there.

He even watches some television on the couch before falling asleep on his safe spot.Although the human parents did not get Rufus off the couch, they did cover it with mattress protectors to prevent any accidents.His adoptive parents support whatever makes him happy.Rufus can be grumpy when he doesn’t want the two humans sitting next to him.He then gently pushes them off the couch.

Image Credit & More Info; rufusthecouchkangaroo/instagram | facebook | youtube