Rider Demonstrates His Ability To Load The Horse Into A Trailer

All horses are stubborn and refuse even the simplest tasks that are required of their master. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that we have dealt with stubborn horses that do not follow our directions.

In this video, talented trainer and rider Tristan Tucker demonstrates a fun way to load a horse onto a trailer using the TRT method. Developed by Tucker, this unique training program addresses issues like creepy behavior, unwanted behavior, fear of certain objects, tension during training and competition, and trailer loading for all horse owners. It is used worldwide to aid horses in a variety of situations. Using the TRT method, Tucker allows you to rewrite the history of horses and give them more confidence and serenity than ever before.

This method includes free tutorial videos, online programs, and live streams hosted by Tristan Tucker. He’s also a lovable comedian, and he proves it in this video by showing him the “right” way to put a stubborn horse in a trailer. As can be seen from the video, the audience who watched his live burst into laughter at this delightful announcement.

Every horse owner who touched the subject found himself in every word Tucker said. As everyone who has seen this video already understands, I want to say that this is a fun video and the wrong way to ride a horse in a trailer. Let us know what you think. Don’t forget to share your videos with friends and family.