Retired Nurse, Open Hospice For Dog To Feel Love At Last Minute Of Life

Some families decide to abandon their abandoned dogs because they cannot afford to care for sick or frail dogs.These dogs have had a wonderful life, but now they are lonely and terrified at the shelter.

Can you imagine spending your final days alone, with no idea why you were abandoned?Nicola Coyne, a retired nurse, decided she needed to do something about it and founded the Gray Face Dog Hospice Project.She accepts dying dogs abandoned by their owners and makes them feel loved for the rest of their lives.

Nicola, a native of Nottingham, England, visits a local shelter and adopts two sick old dogs at the same time.In most cases, she intends to adopt a dog under the age of six months on the land.She’s had puppies for a year at the most and two weeks at the most.She also ensures that they “complete the wishlist,” as Metro put it.This is the birth of a puppy, a trip to the beach, a delicious steak dinner, and McDonald’s ice cream.

“A charitable organization she volunteers with on a regular basis said it couldn’t be more grateful to Nicola for giving her most desperate pet the love and care she never received,” Metro reported.
Nicola will spend up to £500.
She uses her own money (she’s $610 per piece) as well as donations from a non-profit organization.”It can be a very heartbreaking job,” Nikola says, “but someone has to do it.””I am a huge animal lover, and I can’t bear the thought of them going through their final days, weeks, or months without the love they deserve.”It can be difficult, but it is very rewarding when you can make this time special.”

She is cremated and buried in a special place in her Nottingham home when they die.
“It can be a very heartbreaking job,” Nikola says, “but someone has to do it.””I absolutely admire the work of the Gray Face Project,” says Joanne Snyt of Helping Yorkshire Pounds.Nicola estimates that she has adopted approximately 30 dogs and has assisted them throughout her life.