Rescuers Spend Hrs Digging Up A Goat Trapped In A Huge Irrigation Pipe And Saving Its Life

Sometimes animals become stuck in difficult situations and require the assistance of kind people to get out.pintiks writes

Like a goat trapped in a large watering pipeline until a group of rescuers embarked on an elaborate rescue mission.The Arizona Humane Society received a call on August 17 about an eight-month-old goat who had fallen into a 250-foot watering pipe.
According to Humane Culture, a neighbor heard the underground goat’s cries.When they arrived at the scene, however, they discovered that saving the goat was not an easy task: due to the size of the pipe, they had no idea where to look for it.They decided to return the following day, better prepared for the job.

The rescue team returned the following day with a kit that included a snake video camera to look for the goat, but there was still no indication of him.

Because they couldn’t find the goat’s location, they decided to start digging and hope for the best.”We couldn’t see the goat at all; we’d never seen it before we started cutting,” emergency vet doctor Gracie Watts claimed in a press release.
“We just kept thinking it was where we thought it was.”They finally saw the goat after digging through the pipeline with shovels and a mallet, and one of the rescuers was able to hold it while they continued digging.

According to AHS, the rescue mission took 6 hours and a lot of job. However they were lastly able to lastly free the goat.

Despite the ordeal, the goat appeared unharmed and quickly rejoined his fellow goats after being rescued.

Check out the rescue video clip below: