Rescuers Dig Through Terrifying House to Save Sick Dog and Her Puppies

A stray sick dog and her puppies have been saved from a run-down house in St. Louis by animal rescuers.

Randy Grim (founder of Stray Rescue of St. Louis) and Donna heard the mama and her puppies barking.
They first notice some of the puppies on the side of the house.Mama appeared and began to bark as soon as they approached the puppies, and the puppies scattered.Randy and Donna must enter the “terrifying house,” which Randy describes in the video as a “black pit.”

Randy locates the mama, who is in poor health and is not pleased to see Randy, but he wins her over by providing her with plenty of food.Randy believes that “she probably never had a kind touch in the world.”

Meanwhile, Donna is digging through the rubble for puppies.What a soiled job!But Donna perseveres and returns all seven of them to their mother.

The puppies are also sick.But, given her circumstances, she did her best.Solar and her puppies have been adopted since the video was made!And what about the change in Solar’s eyes Randy mentioned in the video?

Just look at this photo of Solar on the day of her adoption!

“Thank you so much for being such wonderful matchmakers for my little girl and me!”She adores everyone she meets and is never more than a few steps away from me.She is the embodiment of love.She has healed at an incredible rate.
Her new veterinarian was also impressed by the medications you sent.””Thank you for all of your hard work.When I consider what she has been through, I find it difficult to believe she has no ill will toward anyone or any animal we encounter on our daily walks…
4-5 times per day.I had a difficult spine surgery in April, but I am now able to walk farther and with less pain.

Solar’s new father.Mark writes: I stopped taking pain relievers that I had been taking for 9 years, at least 3 months early.We complement each other.”

“I do recommend that potential adopters allow your staff to influence their companion choice.It’s what I call synchronicity.Solar had just finished filming a video with Randy when I arrived just outside the door to meet her.Your team did an excellent job!Thank you very much, Mark and Solar.

Watch the video to see how mama Solar and her pups were rescued.