Rescue Puppy Is ‘Perfectly Healthy’ And Has A Tail On His Forehead

Meet Narwhal, a perfectly healthy rescue puppy with a unique physical feature that sets him apart.

Mac’s Mission, a nonprofit dog rescue that primarily helps pups with special needs, rescued the 10-week-old furball, who has a small tail-like growth on his forehead.

Founder Rochelle Steffen told ABC News that the adorable light brown dog was discovered at a dump site in rural Jackson, Missouri, where “hundreds” of dogs had been dumped.

“He had x-rays and a vet appointment yesterday and is a perfectly healthy puppy with an extra tail on his face,” she explained.
“There is currently no medical reason to remove it, and it is one-third the size of his actual tail.”

Despite the fact that Narwhal has “THE COOLEST PUPPY EVER,” the rescue organization claims the tail does not wag.

Steffen believes the adorable light brown boy with a black nose and big brown eyes is a Daschund/Beagle mix.


“He’s not in any pain and can play for hours,” she added.

Mac’s Mission focuses on dogs with deformities, clefts, and trauma “because those get euthanized far more than any other and there is a great need to give them a chance,” Steffens explained.
“We give them that opportunity.”


Steffens explained that Narwhal’s story has been “majorly epic for so many new folks to find out about our little awesome rescue” because the nonprofit life-saving efforts are strictly grassroots through social media.

“We adore our little Narwhal, as well as the others he is assisting here with the attention!”