Rescue Dog keeps paw on new Dad at all times to make sure he won’t be left again

These animals are so precious, they know everything that’s going on! 💕

What a sweetie.Poor baby won’t require as much reassurance for long.He’ll realize he’s safe and loved.

Stanley was adopted by Sam Clarence from a bu.lly breed rescue in Christchurch, New Zealand.Stanley was discovered as a stray at the age of six months, living on an abandoned property with his sibling and mother.

For a few weeks, Sam was asked to foster one of the puppies.He had no idea that this foster puppy would become his most devoted companion.For Sam, it was love at first sight.Stanley had a different opinion; he was ti.mid and it took him an hour just to get out of the car.

Sam worked with him every day, assisting him in adjusting to his new life and surroundings.
He began to trust Sam so much that the two of them were constantly touching.When they go on road trips, Stanley always keeps an eye on Sam.If Sam moves, Stanley follows.He is a very loving dog who is not afraid to express it.

He adores his new father and is eternally grateful for a second chance at life.Stanley has grown from a shy puppy to a friendly, outgoing velcro dog.He adores everyone he meets, even other dogs!That is so sweet, he knows he’ll have someone who loves him and will look after him, what a cute doh!And he will never have a better friend than this gentleman.

These animals are so precious that they are aware of everything that is going on.They truly understand love and how to express it; now that is an intuitive dog.Dogs are blessings, best friends, great therapy, great companions, and lifelong companions.Beautiful Stanley deserves to be loved and cared for in a loving, happy home.

H/t: Ilovemydog