Rescue Dog Insists On Sleeping Face-To-Face With Mom Every Night

“Food is the only thing he loves more than me.”

Most dogs prefer to sleep alone at night, curling up at the foot of the bed or in a crate — but not George.The perceptive pup can always tell when his mother is having a bad day and needs him close by, so he insists on a special sleeping arrangement that keeps him by her side — just the way he likes it.

Jami Croslow desperately needed a friend almost three years ago.Her younger dog had died suddenly from a rapidly spreading cancer, and her older dog, Jack, whom she had adopted from an animal shelter on the island of Guam in 2004, was already in his twenties.”It broke my heart and surprised me because I always thought my older dog, Jack, would be the first to go,” Croslow told The Dodo.

Croslow, who is now a social worker, spent her childhood volunteering at animal shelters and caring for her family’s cocker spaniel.So she started looking for another furry friend.While scrolling through Petfinder, she noticed a small dog with brown spots and comically large ears.”They only had a couple of pictures of him, but he looked like a corgi-type mix, which I really like, because all the dogs I’ve had in the past have been corgis or corgi mixes,” Croslow explained.

Croslow was told by shelter workers that George, along with 20 other animals, had been abandoned in a trailer park after his owner was evicted.He had nearly outstayed his welcome at the overcrowded Georgia shelter where he was being housed for five weeks, only surviving by worming his way into the heart of an animal control officer who couldn’t bear the thought of euthanizing him.

After learning more about George’s age and temperament, it appeared that he would fit in perfectly with Croslow’s family, so she agreed to adopt him sight unseen.She contacted a Facebook group that arranged transportation for rescue dogs, and he was picked up at a South Carolina rest stop halfway between the Georgia shelter and her Raleigh, North Carolina apartment.Croslow couldn’t hide her surprise when she met George for the first time.”I met the woman who had George, and she opened up her van, and he didn’t look like a Welsh corgi,” Croslow explained.”I had the feeling I had been catfished, catfished by a dog.”

But her disappointment didn’t last long. “I’m looking at this goofy dog and I’m thinking, ‘Well, I love you, so I guess we’re going home,’” she added.

Croslow had a crate ready for her new arrival, but it turned out to be unnecessary.”That night, George insisted on sleeping with me in bed,” she explained, “and he has done so ever since.”

George hasn’t let his mother out of his sight since that first night.”George is by far the coziest creature (including humans!) I have ever met,” Croslow said.”His absolute favorite sleeping position is a spoon-to-spoon.He just prefers nose-to-nose contact, which I can’t do because I need to breathe, so he usually sleeps with his nose nuzzled in my neck.”

While Croslow and George formed an almost instant bond, one member of the family took some time to adjust to the new addition.”When I brought George home, Jack looked at him as if to say, ‘What is this thing you brought home?'”Croslow took note.But, while George is still the annoying little brother to Jack, who is now 19, the two have become best friends.

The two puppies have been there for their mother when she needed them the most, demonstrating that there is good in the world even in the darkest of times.”George has a zest for life, and he is just so excited to take on the day,” Croslow said.”As people, we wake up and think, ‘What do we have to do today?’ and it’s stress and worry — but with him, he lives in the moment and finds the good in every moment.These dogs have given me a reason to get up in the morning, and they have brought me a lot of joy.”

Croslow faced one of the most difficult periods of her life a year after adopting George, suffering a miscarriage and losing her job in the span of a month, the strain of which taxed her relationship with her partner.Instead of allowing their mother to sink into depression, George and Jack decided it was time to repay the woman who had rescued them.

“There were times when I just didn’t want to be on this planet.”I’d given up hope, and these dogs would not leave my side,” Croslow explained.”They gave me a reason to live during a very difficult period.”