Rescue dog finally finds a forever home after over 700 days in shelter

Every shelter dog’s dream is to find a forever home, but some are forced to wait longer than others.
These rescue dogs may have to wait months or even years before they find their forever home.However, the long wait makes it all the more special when they finally find a home.That was the case recently, when a sweet dog named Tucker found a home after being abandoned for more than 700 days.

Tucker had been with All About Animals Rescue and Transport, Inc. since January 2021, after being starved and injured in a shelter: he had severe burns, including cigarette burns, and his back had been skinned with a knife.

“When we saw him, we rushed him to the vet,” All About Animals wrote on Facebook.”No one spoke up for Tucker except his current foster; she wasn’t in a position to take him but, like us, couldn’t abandon him.”Things improved for the poor dog.
Tucker was “still skittish” and afraid of “cars, strange people, and children,” according to the shelter, but he has “grown into the most handsome boy.”He got along well with his foster mom and other dogs, but he still needed a permanent home because his foster had no fence in her yard where Tucker could run around and play.

But attempts to find Tucker a forever home were difficult. One family took him in as a foster, only to send him back hours later “because he hid and they did not understand a rescue dog.” Another would-be adopter backed out before even meeting him.

Tucker spent 700 days in the shelter last month.With the holidays quickly approaching, All About Animals made another push to find Tucker a permanent home.”We are praying that Tucker’s Christmas wish of getting a family or even a foster with a yard will come true this year,” they wrote on December 20.
“He needs caring, loving, understanding people that can help him with the outside world.
He deserves this opportunity.”And, thankfully, Tucker’s dream came true.Tucker was recently adopted, two years after he was discovered in such deplorable condition!

On January 3, the rescue announced that Tucker had finally left the shelter, having been adopted by his new family.

It’s always bittersweet to see a shelter dog adopted after such a long time, but everyone at the rescue was relieved Tucker finally got the home he deserved.”He will be deeply missed,” they wrote, adding that everything was “going to be perfect.””It was a tearful and happy time to see him off.Congratulations, Tucker and family.”

We’re so glad Tucker finally got adopted after more than 700 days! What a great start to the new year for this sweet dog!