Reporter can’t keep it together as hilarious horse steals the show

It’s difficult not to laugh along with him.What a lovely horse!Horses are known for their strength, nobleness, and speed.They’re not known for being amusing or cuddly.But one horse appears to be determined to prove them wrong.When a hardworking journalist attempted to cover horse races, his interviewee stole the show.He has a difficult time from the start.

The reporter hits a speed bump just trying to start the segment — the horse just wants to rub its head against his!The horse is so determined to cuddle that it distracts the journalist, forcing him to start his opening sentence over and over.

The horse only wants to be cuddled.Initially, the horse rubs his head against the journalist’s head.The journalist burst out laughing as a result of this.He can’t say anything because this horse is nuzzling him from behind.

After several restarts of the filming, the horse finally stops nuzzling him.But he keeps stealing the show.Instead, he takes a protective and sweet stance, resting his head on top of the journalist.The horse’s desire to cuddle causes the journalist to laugh so hard that they have to stop filming once more.The horse then appears to be waiting for his turn!

After a lot of cuddling, the horse wants something bigger and better.Or maybe he’s just tired of being ignored and wants to try something more drastic.In any case, after a few attempts to entice the journalist with rubs and pats, the horse begins to move his face closer to the microphone.

He begins nodding his head and appears to be trying to get his mouth on it at times.He’s either hungry or has something to say.Regardless of his motivations, this move stops the reporter in his tracks once more, as he bursts into laughter.This horse only wants a piece of the limelight.

Horses are powerful, but they also know when to be gentle.So when this horse began nibbling on the reporter’s ear, it appears to be a friendly attention-seeking move rather than an aggressive one.A horse biting you can be painful, but the reporter was amused by it!It’s clear that the horse is making another attempt to be the star of this show.There’s a chance that this horse felt the same way the reporter did.

The journalist’s laughter may have energized the horse!Equine Helper claims”Studies have shown that horses have positive emotional reactions to some humans while having negative emotional reactions to others, indicating that horses are capable of developing a strong positive bond with a human…According to the findings, horses can detect when a human is expressing and projecting positive feelings toward them and are more likely to reciprocate those positive feelings.

That means the horse may have noticed the man laughing and continued to do so because he enjoyed making him happy.We don’t know if the horse ever stopped his antics for the news to film, but everyone seems to have enjoyed this viral video.This video has received millions of views on YouTube, with many comments expressing how amusing the horse is.

Someone writes:”I believe that horse has a thing for that reporter.
So cute and funny.”Another person says:”What an ANGEL he is trying to follow his dreams of becoming a newscaster, please just hand him the mic and step aside.”

See this hilarious horse for yourself in the video below!